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This is a virtual reality experience based on paintings by Edward Hopper. Hopper is an American painter who was active from 1882 to 1967.

Most of his paintings focus on loneliness and isolation, which is one of the themes we tried to capture in this story driven experience.

The experience focuses on the years a couple spent in their new house, from the beginning till the end of their relationship. 

It is inspired by the 'House by the Railroad' painting, which portrays a Victorian house in a desolate area near a railroad.

What is it?

'Hopper: VR' is a virtual realty experience which focusses on storytelling through exploration. The player is spawned in an environment based on one of Edward Hoppers famous paintings "House by the Railroad". Curiosity induces the player to explore and by doing so, the player activates new chapters of the story. 

Our goal for this project was to tell a story by letting the player roam through an environment.
The key idea behind how to accomplish this is that the players position in the house, determines when a new chapter is introduced. At first glance nothing might seem to have changed, however by continuing to explore the player might notice one scene has disappeared while another scene has appeared in a place which was empty before.

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