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Life goes by rapidly. In order not to stay behind it is helpfull to think ahead and choose in which direction I want to head in inside of the vfx industry. Since this is not an easy choice i will develop at least two projects regarding my choice of direction. This will help me to guide myself into the path that is right for me and tell me if I will stay true to my first choice. 

My interests, right now, are based on how i see the future. Currently, I am reading alot about real time rendering, especially for film. Some examples are the series called "ADAM" and "Book of the Dead". 

ADAM vol.1        >

Book of the Dead >

Both of these films are rendered in real time with Unity.

Computers are getting stronger, software is getting smarter and most importantly, people are getting more impatient. Offline rendering will become a hinder and (creative) directors can instantly see changes being made without having to wait for another render. 

For this reason, I will focus my energy into learning the art of real time rendering. The software of choice was either Unreal Engine or Unity. 

To ensure that the projects ( refered to as the "Meesterproef" from now on) are of some quality and can be used for my portfolio, I have done some tests and experiments beforehand. This way I know my way around a little bit and can focus more on the creative part, rather than figuring out technical aspects. 

To read more about the ''Meesterproef''. Click on the subtab. 

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