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Real-Time Traditional Cinema

This project was made in +- 2,5 weeks with a team of 6 people. It was made entirely as a workflow test for an upcoming bigger project of the same sort (Check out disconnect). In the upcoming project the idea is to pursue traditional film making and theater in a virtual, real-time world. We built this bedroom environment to have the experience of doing so and to encounter any sort of problems that might have gone overhead. Due to deadlines and other time prohibiting events it is not yet entirely finished. The biggest unfinished things are the character and the smoothness of the Vive Controller Camera. Hopefully we will get back to that as soon as we can. It's running on the Unity engine and all lights are dynamic. The mocap suit used is from XSens. 


Live Motion Capture and HTC Vive controller camera test. This is supposed to convey the feeling of what should be possible. By far not a finished product. 

In this example you can see how it works. I am standing in the mocap suit and a friend is handling the camera. The cool thing about XSens is that it all records internally, so you can put your regular clothes back on without any problem. Underneath my clothes is a full body mocap suit. 

This is a Bonus video, the very early and initial motion capture tests happened in September 2018. This was when we only had a more tradition mocap studio setup. This system worked but was a major pain in the ass since calibration took about one full hour, and calibration had to be done at least twice in one day. But it gave us confidence to at least try to do this project. Luckily some time later our mentors made a deal with XSens and made our lives way better.

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